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Week 8 plus 1 #mooc #mmooc #seq15oct12

Seq15Oct12: Mailed December 17, 2012. Mechanical MOOCers, We’re wondering if you miss receiving your weekly e-mail as much as we miss sending it.  So we’re sending another.  We hope those of you who had some work left are happily moving … Continue reading

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Tell us what you think #mooc #mmooc #seq15oct12

Seq15Oct12: Mailed December 13, 2012. Mechanical MOOCians, We’ve distributed our last assignment e-mail, and we hope that wherever you are in the course progression, you are enjoying the journey.  Don’t worry that the course assignments are all out, we’re in … Continue reading

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A little help please #mooc, #mmooc #seq15oct12

One of our sequence 1 (Seq15October12) participants is struggling with an assignment and so far not getting an assist on OpenStudy.  Anyone want to step up and help?  Just answer in the comments here. Dear MOOC: I am trying to … Continue reading

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Python – Week 8 #mooc #mmooc #seq15oct12

Seq15Oct12: Mailed December 10, 2012. Valiant Mechanical MOOCsters, This is it.  The final week’s assignments.  We hope that you’ve learned some Python, made some friends and enjoyed this experiment in a new model for learning.  We’ll be asking you later … Continue reading

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The mystery of the missing code #mooc #mmooc

Just copying over an exchange on OpenStudy about some missing code.  Thanks, @Screech! MOOC-E The Mystery of the Missing Code: At about minute 20 of lecture 6 in 6.00SC (which is part of the week 5 assignment of the Mechanical … Continue reading

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Week 7 – Pay it forward #mooc #mmooc #seq15oct12

Seq15Oct12: Mailed December 6, 2012. Mechanical MOOCers, It’s week 7, and you are officially Mechanical MOOC veterans at this point.  In fact, since you are the first group to go through the course, you are also pioneers–the first ever students … Continue reading

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Week 7 – Less reading, more coding #mooc #mmooc #seq15oct12

Seq15Oct12: Mailed December 3, 2012. MechMOOCsters, Week 7–less reading and watching, more coding. This week we will finish up the readings, videos and Codecademy exercises, and begin to focus intensively on projects that will put what we’ve learned to practice … Continue reading

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