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Heads up – MailGun misfire #mooc #mmooc #seq21oct13

Hi all, We’ve just discovered an issue with our MailGun mail server that may have prevented some learners from receiving their Week 3 assignment e-mail.  We’re looking into it now and will get back to you when we know more. … Continue reading

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Update on Comcast issue #mooc #mmooc #seq17jun13

MMOOCers, We believe we now have a workaround that will allow is to mail to those of you using Comcast.  We are working on a permanent fix as well.  Let us know if you are not receiving the e-mails as … Continue reading

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Comcast is not a fan of the Mechanical MOOC #mooc #mmooc #seq17jun13

Intrepid MechMOOCers, We’ve discovered that Comcast has deemed the Mechanical MOOC to be spam, so if you receive your e-mail through them, be warned that you may not be getting our mailings.  A clear sign that spam filters are a … Continue reading

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The best (maybe the only?) low bandwidth MOOC

Do you feel like you are missing out on the MOOC revolution not because you lack the four to six hours a week to devote to a course, but because you don’t have the time AND access to a high … Continue reading

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The mystery of the missing code #mooc #mmooc

Just copying over an exchange on OpenStudy about some missing code.  Thanks, @Screech! MOOC-E The Mystery of the Missing Code: At about minute 20 of lecture 6 in 6.00SC (which is part of the week 5 assignment of the Mechanical … Continue reading

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Just something we noticed

A small technical issue:  Some learners have reported that when they clicked on the links in our recent e-mail about OpenStudy, they were automatically subscribed to the study groups we pointed to.  It seems like this only happens for people … Continue reading

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A Ghost in the Machine

No machine is perfect, and some less so than others.  We clearly left out links in yesterday’s e-mail.  We’re identifying the location of the crossed wires and prepping to resend the e-mail shortly.  Sorry and stay tuned!

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