Week 2 – The help you need, when you need it #mmooc #mooc #seq17jun13

Seq17Jun13: Mailed 27 June 2013.

Mechanical MOOCsters,

It’s the second week of class, and you’ve probably got Python questions.  Fortunately, there are tons of people waiting to provide answers.  If you haven’t already registered for the OpenStudy 6.189 group (http://openstudy.com), you should.  You’ll almost always find learners from the course hanging out there, asking and answering questions.

What’s more, a lot of these learners are from the previous sequences of the course, so they’ve already completed the exercises you are struggling with—and they are excited to share what they’ve learned. Remember to hand out medal to (and become fans of) peers that are helpful to you on OpenStudy.

Part of the magic of the Mechanical MOOC!


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The Mechanical MOOC’s A Gentle Introduction to Python is a collaboration between Peer 2 Peer UniversityMIT OpenCourseWareOpenStudy, and Codecademy. For this course, Peer 2 Peer University has developed an email scheduler that coordinates student activity across the participating sites to facilitate collaborative learning. This email was generated by the scheduler. A full archive of emails for this course sequence is available here. For more information, please visit http://mechanicalmooc.org. For questions regarding the logistics of the course, please e-mail mooc-e@p2pu.org.


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The Mechanical MOOC, international man (or machine) of mystery. (Photo credit: Tinkerbots http://bit.ly/P029IR)
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