Start of course survey: What we’ve learned

Thanks to the 150 or so Mech MOOCers who have filled out our pre-course survey.  You’re providing information that will really help us understand who is taking (and succeeding in) our course.

We’ve learned that in many respects the people taking the course are like the course populations for other technically focused MOOCs:  about 80% male, predominantly in post-undergraduate age range (52% are between 23-39), and about 47% are from the US.

The cool thing we’ve discovered is that 28% of respondents were with us in a previous offering of the course.  We are thrilled to see this, because it tells us that people who weren’t able to finish one of the previous offerings feel welcomed to take the course again.

From the reasons given for retaking the course, it’s clear life gets in the way (“Didn’t have time to actually participate due to school/work schedules,” “Did not complete due to schedule conflict/travel”) and we tried to design a course that accommodated these life events.  Seems to be working.

So…welcome to our new and returning MechMOOCers.  Should be lots of fun.


About MOOC-E

The Mechanical MOOC, international man (or machine) of mystery. (Photo credit: Tinkerbots
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