Thanks iProgrammer!

iProgrammer included a nice mention of the Mechanical MOOC course in their June roundup.  Thanks for thinking of us!

June Computing MOOCs and Open Courses
Written by Sue Gee
Wednesday, 29 May 2013 00:00

For many students June is the beginning of the long summer vacation. But, with fewer competing pressures, it could be an ideal time to start a MOOC – or perhaps complete one you started and gave up on!

The Mechanical MOOC has announced that it is gearing up to offer its Gentle Introduction to Python course again, with a start date of June 17th. Compared to Coursera and Udacity, Mechanical MOOC takes a different approach. Rather than devising new material it has gathered existing videos, reading matter and coding exercises together and co-ordinates student’s progress using e-mail.

The community aspects rely on OpenStudy and while there’s no certificate for completion you can earn Codeacedemy badges – and you could of course use Accredible to devise a certificate portfolio for it. Weekly lessons will be posted for eight weeks and you can opt to join a cohort of students or work through them alone and at your own pace. Read more.

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