A week to go #mooc #mmooc #seq7jan13

Seq7jan13: Mailed 31 December 12.

Mechanical MOOCsters,

Happy new year to all!  We are now a week away from the start of the class, which begins January 7th. If you requested assignment to a group of learners, you’ll receive an e-mail this week with the mailing list for your cluster. In the mean time, whether you asked to be assigned to a group or not, please do the following:

Your Tasks:

Please note:
The Python environment IDLE can be a little disorienting to some users. It has two distinct windows, an “interpreter” window, which has prompts (>>>) and immediately executes commands, and a “program” window, in which you write and save multiple line programs. Save yourself many bangs of your head on your desk by reviewing the following document.

Follow those directions, and in no time, you’ll be flying!

Source: xkcd.com

Happy MOOCing!

–The Mechanical MOOC

The Mechanical MOOC’s A Gentle Introduction to Python is a collaboration between Peer 2 Peer UniversityMIT OpenCourseWareOpenStudy, and Codecademy. For this course, Peer 2 Peer University has developed an email scheduler that coordinates student activity across the participating sites to facilitate collaborative learning. This email was generated by the scheduler. A full archive of emails for this course sequence is available here. For more information, please visit http://mechanicalmooc.org. For questions regarding the logistics of the course, please e-mail mooc-e@p2pu.org.

About MOOC-E

The Mechanical MOOC, international man (or machine) of mystery. (Photo credit: Tinkerbots http://bit.ly/P029IR)
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