Week 1 – We begin #mmooc #mooc #seq26nov12

Seq26Nov12: Mailed November 26, 2012.

Mechanical MOOCsters,

The start of the Mechanical MOOC A Gentle Introduction to Python is here! We begin our journey with a reading, a video, and some exercises from Codecademy before tackling the first homework assignment. You should try to finish this material in the first week.



Let your learning style be your guide with the materials. If you like to learn by doing, dive into the Codecademy exercises; if you are a reader, start with the text; or if you prefer a lecture-style introduction, begin with the videos. Once you are done with all three, move on to the homework.

Remember, if at any time you have questions, go over to OpenStudy or email your small group. And remember to hand out medals on OpenStudy to anyone who helps you out!

Mechanical MOOC leaves you with something of a chuckle….

Mechanical MOOC kindly thanks you for your attention,

— The Mechanical MOOC

The Mechanical MOOC’s A Gentle Introduction to Python is a collaboration between Peer 2 Peer UniversityMIT OpenCourseWareOpenStudy, and Codecademy. For this course, Peer 2 Peer University has developed an email scheduler that coordinates student activity across the participating sites to facilitate collaborative learning. This email was generated by the scheduler. A full archive of emails for this course sequence is available here. For more information, please visit http://mechanicalmooc.org. For questions regarding the logistics of the course, please e-mail mooc-e@p2pu.org.

About MOOC-E

The Mechanical MOOC, international man (or machine) of mystery. (Photo credit: Tinkerbots http://bit.ly/P029IR)
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