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Updating the numbers #mmooc

As we now move to close out the first cohort to move through the course, here’s where the numbers stand: 6,006 registrants for the course mailing list 56,834 e-mails sent so far in support of the course 3,654 unique individuals have opened … Continue reading

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Sign up confirmation for the November 26, 2012 sequence #mmooc

Seq26Nov12: Sign-up confirmation.  Greetings Mechanical MOOCster, Welcome to A Gentle Introduction to Python, the world’s first Mechanical Massive Open Online Course.  This course is created by the Mechanical MOOC out of existing, openly available educational resources across the web, including course … Continue reading

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What comes around goes around #mmooc

As of today, we have 5,950 registrants for the first round of the Python course, and we are midway through the first week of the initial offering.  With hundred of new learners registering each day, we run the risk of … Continue reading

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Python – Week 1

Seq15Oct12: Mailed October 15, 2012. Mechanical MOOCsters, The start of the Mechanical MOOC A Gentle Introduction to Python is here! We begin our journey with a reading, a video, and some exercises from Codecademy before tackling the first homework assignment. … Continue reading

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Some numbers as we begin #mmooc

Today marks the start of the Mechanical MOOC’s Gentle Introduction to Python course.  Later today, we’ll distribute the first of the e-mails that points to resources and exercises.  Before we do, a few numbers: 5,814 registrants for the course mailing … Continue reading

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Legalese #mmooc

Seq15Oct12: Mailed October 14, 2012. Mechanical MOOCsketeers, Our goal is to help thousands learn to code Python, but also to better understand how large group online learning works, so we’ll be looking at questions like how peers in this community … Continue reading

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A final tip on MOOCing mechanically #mmooc

Seq15Oct12: Mailed October 13, 2012. Members of MOOC nation, Here’s a final way to optimize your mechanical MOOCing experience: MOOC mechanically in 中文(Chinese). OK, so the Mechanical MOOC’s Chinese is not good enough to really be sure how this will … Continue reading

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