Another tip on MOOCing mechanically #mmooc

Seq15Oct12: Mailed October 10, 2012.

Members of MOOC nation,

Here’s another way to optimize your mechanical MOOCing experience:

You can use the OCW materials offline.

MIT OpenCourseWare has a number of ways for you to use the content offline:

  • A downloadable a copy of the 6.189 course materials is available on this page. Clicking the link will save a copy of the course materials to your hard drive, in a folder called “6-189-january-iap-2011”. Inside this, there’s another folder called “6-189-january-iap-2011” (the Mechanical MOOC has no idea why), and inside that is a file called “Start.htm”. Open “Start.htm” with your browser and bookmark it, and you can access the local copy of the course materials just like you were accessing the live site.
  • You can download the entire course textbook How to Think Like a Computer Scientist as a PDF, so again, you can access it offline.
  • MIT OpenCourseWare provides lots of options for downloading the videos from 6.00SC. You can find the course on iTunesU and download the video through iTunes — which means you can also watch them on an iPhone or iPad. You can also download the videos from the Internet Archive. Look for download links below each video as they play on the OCW site. (Of course, the videos are also available through the MIT channel on YouTube.)

Ask and answer questions on your smartphone.

OpenStudy also has a mobile interface in beta, so you can ask and answer questions on your smartphone while away from an internet connection! Pretty cool, huh?

Hopefully this will help make the Mechanical MOOC experience more fun and successful for you. Remember though, we are all still learning how to do this, so if you discover tips and tricks that will help your fellow MOOCers, be sure to share.


— The Mechanical MOOC

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