Getting testy

As you explore the sites we’ll be using for the Mechanical MOOC Gentle Introduction to Python, some of you may notice a few learners already working though the course.  These are among a group of intrepid explorers in our tester group, who’ve volunteered to help us work the kinks out of the system before we welcome the larger group.

Our testers are volunteers from the staff of P2PU, MIT OpenCourseWare, OpenStudy and Codecademy–none of whom knew Python before they started.  Some of our testers are techies with some experience in other languages, others are complete newbies to the whole field of computer programming.  Three weeks in, we’re happy to report that those participating are in fact learning Python, but even more exciting, they are having lots of fun doing it.

We’re also getting some early indications that the course works well for multiple learning styles.  Some of our testers are relying mostly on the text and exercises, others really appreciate the video lectures, and some dive right into the Codecademy exercises.  As you move through the course, you’ll have the flexibility of working across the different types of content—readings, videos, exercises—in whatever order works best for you.  Something to look forward to.

In the mean time, if you come across one of our testers on OpenStudy, Codecademy, or Twitter (Hashtag #mmooc for the course, by the way), don’t hesitate to say hello.  They are a great group!

About MOOC-E

The Mechanical MOOC, international man (or machine) of mystery. (Photo credit: Tinkerbots
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