Codecademy: Cool coding exercises made super easy

Seq15Oct12: Mailed September 28, 2012.

Mighty MOOCers,

Introducing Codecademy.

Learning a coding language can be a little intimidating, especially if you’ve never programmed before. There’s special software to download and learn and you need to understand a bit more about how a computer works than the average user.

When you’re just getting started, it would be great if you could just ignore all of that and just focus on the basics. With Codecademy, you can. The site provides great exercises for learning Python, Javascript, jQuery, HTML, CSS and lots of other things you may not have heard of–and they all run in your browser without any download or set up. Pretty slick.

What will we be using?

Their new Python exercises, of course. These are brand spanking new exercises and the Codecademy team has been working hard to get them ready for the Mechanical MOOC, so be gentle with the Codecademy folks. We’ll be beta testers on this one, so if an exercise doesn’t work the way you expect, help them out by leaving a note in the Q&A Forum in the exercise.

Something to remember.

Codecademy Python exercises are written in Python 2.7, and the rest of the class uses 2.6. The differences should not for the most part affect the class, but you can see what’s different here.

Next Up: OpenStudy

— The Mechanical MOOC

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5 Responses to Codecademy: Cool coding exercises made super easy

  1. Lawrence says:

    I am spending more time and effort beating on the poorly designed CodeAcademy user interface, trying to get it to respond than I am learning Python. I must abandon this as fruitless and look elsewhere.

  2. MOOC-E says:

    Lawrence, sorry to hear Codecademy exercises aren’t working for you. As advertised, they are in beta, and Codecademy has been working really hard to prep these for the Mechanical MOOC. Our test group has had occasional issues with the exercises not loading properly, but everyone’s been able to move through the existing ones successfully. Sometimes the testers have had to stop working on the exercises and work on other content for a while, and then come back. We hope most of these issues will be cleared up by the start of the class on October 15th. If you don’t mind, it’s helpful to the Codecademy team to have problems reported on the Q&A forums for each exercise, but I will notify them of your problem. –MOOC-E

    • Lawrence says:

      I’ll return on October 15. I wasn’t even certain that I was allowed to start the Codeacademy tutorial. I didn’t know if the Codeacademy tutorial was the actual MOOC course or merely a preparatory introduction. In any case, too often the interface seemed unresponsive. I couldn’t tell if it was actually locked up or merely in some strange state where user input was not expected. It should always be clear what the user is supposed to do.

  3. MOOC-E says:

    Please do. It’s a learning experience for all of us. The only guarantee is that it all gets better over time!

  4. Odile says:

    Hello how do we subscribe ?

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