Better Know a Resource, Installment 1: MIT OpenCourseWare

Seq15Oct12: Mailed September 26, 2012.

Good people of the Mechanical MOOC,

Introducing MIT OpenCourseWare.

For ten years, MIT OpenCourseWare has published MIT’s core academic materials-syllabi, lecture notes, assignments and exams-freely and openly on the web for anyone to learn from. Learn they have: with more than 125 million people viewing OCW materials since the site’s launch, it’s clear there’s a whole lot of learning going on. And since it’s what the MIT students get, you know it’s got to be good.

What Will We Be Using?

OCW has more than 2,100 courses, so have a good look around, but for purposes of this class we’ll only be using two:

  • 6.189 A Gentle Introduction to Python — A four week course offered at MIT each January. This course will provide the basic structure of the Mechanical MOOC course, though we’ll take eight weeks to do it. After all, why hurry?. We’ll use the text, handouts and homework assignments.
  • 6.00SC Introduction to Computer Science and Programming — This is a semester-long course that covers much of the same material as 6.189 in the early weeks, and has the video lectures to prove it. We’ll be watching some of the videos from this course.

Keep in mind: These materials are published just the way MIT students got them, so they may contain class instructions that don’t apply to the Mechanical MOOC course; if you get confused, follow the information in the e-mails or ask for help.

Next up: Codecademy

— The Mechanical MOOC

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The Mechanical MOOC’s A Gentle Introduction to Python is a collaboration between Peer 2 Peer University, MIT OpenCourseWare, OpenStudy and Codecademy. For this course, Peer 2 Peer University has developed an email scheduler that coordinates student activity across the participating sites to facilitate collaborative learning. This email was generated by the scheduler. For more information, please visit:


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